U235 Token

The U235 token is the basis of our unique protocol.
With it, it is like you have shares of our project, which are directly giving you dividends !
The U235 can't be bought or sold like a classic token. It is the counterpart of U92, and a way to hold shares of our project : holding will give you dividends every block.

How to get it ?

By staking your LPs on a U92/xxx farm : instead of gettings U92, you will receive the exact same amount of U235.
It is the one and only way to obtain U235.

What for ?

By holding U235, you give to the users guarantees about the durability of our protocol. Doing so, you become an investor in our project, so it's natural that you'd be rewarded for this !
Every block, all the U235 holders will receive a fraction of the dividends coming from the Money Pot, proportionally to their share of the U235 circulating supply.
To be clear, you will get a constant flow of BUSD and BNB (and soon other ones) just by holding U235 !

How to stake my U235 ?

You don't have to explicitely stake them : holding them in your wallet is staking them !
However, the rewards will need to be harvested.

How to sell my U235 ?

If you just want to take your profit and sell the U235 you harvested in our farms, there is only an extra step : you have to swap them against U92. You can do it whenever you want.
The ratio between them is 1:1, but only if you have held them for at least 72 hours. If not, there will be a 30% adjustment (1:0.7 ratio).
In short :
  • Selling 1 U235 with an AST (Average Staking Time) of +72 hours will always give you 1 U92.
  • Selling 1 U235 with an AST (Average Staking Time) of 48 hours will give you 0.9 U92.
  • Selling 1 U235 with an AST (Average Staking Time) of 24 hours will give you 0.8 U92.
  • Selling 1 U235 just after the harvest will give you 0.7 U92.
All your hold history will be taken into consideration for the AST. For example, if you have been holding U235 for 7 days, those 7 days will be taken into consideration when calculating the average staking time.
The totality of the adjusted U92 will be automatically burnt.
This way, we can readjust the repartition of the benefits of our platform, to favour the long term investors instead of the ones with a more short-term vision, which is a fairer and more durable approach from our point of view.