Our fees system is the following :
  • 4% deposit fees on non-U92 farms & pools : 3% will go the pending Money Pot, and 1% to the team
  • 0.16% fee on all swaps : 0.12% to the pending Money Pot and 0.04% to the team
|You can learn more about the Money Pot in the next section]
Here is the main game changer : we have decided that we will reduce the swap fees from 0.2% (V1) to 0.16% (V2) on each trade.
Some may think of it as a simple decrease of the dividends in the future, but this adjustment aims to help bring us more external volume by simply being a cheaper place to trade than other DEXes available. Once word gets out that trading fees on Uranium are lower than our competitors, many people who primarily use other DEXes will begin to use Uranium for their trading on BSC. The increase in total daily swap fees from the increase in volume will outweigh the decrease in the fee itself. We only need a 21% increase in trading volume to outweigh the 20% trading fee reduction, and that shouldn’t be hard to achieve.