Rigid automation

We chose to set the automation level as high as we could, as it should (almost) always be in a blockchain protocol.
This way, we can avoid unintentional mistakes and gain the trust of our users, since we literally can't access to any data / funds we shouldn't touch.
The following systems are fully handled by the contracts logic :
  • All fees are handled by the FeeManager contract, which decides how to distribute them according to the initial rules we set. The only possible adjustment that the team can make on this contract is to lower their own share ! Only exception is to temporarily block the flow between the FeeManager and the MoneyPot : this gives us flexibility over special cases (to smooth dividends after sudden very important spikes, or in case of emergency)
  • All the dividends distribution and the Money Pot management are fully locked : no emergency withdraw or any similar function. But we can add some bonus whenever we want ;)